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Not a member yet?  We have a range of membership options; including the following categories:

Note: prospective members require two existing members of the Riverine Club to propose and support their candidature and preference is given to candidates who have been known to their two proposers for a good period of years.

You are most welcome to discuss membership with the Club Secretary during normal business hours.

Please telephone (02) 6921 2031 if you have any questions.

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Member Benefits

Our Club provides the perfect atmosphere for like-minded members to gather amid the wonderful architecture of our cherished Clubhouse.

As a member you will enjoy an invitation to exclusive events and can at any time make use of our many distinctive rooms, enjoy a drink at the bar, or relax by the fireplace, always assured of good company and a friendly welcome.

As a private members’ Club, membership is subject to guidelines that support the spirit and intent of the Club.

Other benefits include:

  • A member of the most exclusive club in Wagga
  • Discounted fees on meeting and function rooms
  • Free access to our private squash court – 7 days a week
  • Free access to our private snooker tables
  • The ability to just come and relax/enjoy the beautiful Club whether it be relaxing, having a coffee in the courtyard or sitting by the fire with a drink
  • Access to reciprical clubs (see below)


Reciprocal Clubs

Did you know...

Letters of introduction are available to our members from the Club Secretary who may be emailed or contacted on (02) 6921 2031 during normal business hours. All Riverine Club members must fully familiarise themselves with the rules and regulations of the Club they intend to visit and adhere to them to the letter, including dress regulations and local customs. Please contact the office for full details of domestic and international reciprocity arrangements.

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